Privacy Policy

Toura is an online and mobile service that allows registered users to record a tour based on their travel itinerary and share that information with other users. All TOURA websites ( and along with the mobile application for Android and all materials created by TOURA are property of TOURA.
TOURA allows registered users to create tours using the mobile application for Android. The users that create and publish tours are called CREATORS.
After a tour is created and published it can be accessed by users around the world. All people interacting with TOURA products are called USERS.
TOURA is a tool that helps users record their route and information about places to visit, change of transport, services like: accomodation, food and drinks, and all information the CREATOR wants to share about the trip in order to help the USERS to understand it.

A TOUR consists of the following information:
1. a TRACK - a list of locations shown on map as a line that represents the locations of the CREATOR;
2. details of the TOUR: name, language, category and subcategory, difficulty, accessibility, keywords, description, when to visit;
3. a list of POIs: start, landmark, information, transport, accommodation, food and beverage, end of night and stop. These points have a specific location and details added by the CREATOR.
4. MULTIMEDIA materials: the tour and oll POIs can have multimedia materials: photo, video, audio, animation;
5. STATISTICS: based on the data the CREATOR collects with the mobile application and website, there are available the following information:
a. TOUR: cost (expenses while taking the tour), number of days, number of landmarks, minimum elevation, maximum elevation, elevation difference, total elevation uphill total distance, total duration, means of transport and statistics for each (distance, elevation uphill and duration);
b. Transport: distance, elevation uphill, duration;
c. Day: cost, total distance, total duration.

The tours can be created only by being in that particular place and the application records it. This is a confirmation that the user was there and is offers a guide line on how the road is, what is the speed of the user, the distance that can be done in one day, and many more.


In order to create a tour you need to create an account. Account creation requires the following information:
- first and last name;
- email;
- password;
- photo;
- profession and field of activity with URLs to online resources that reflect the user activity.

The only data that will be shown publicly is:
- first and last name;
- photo;
- profession and field of activity.


When you are creating a tour we will gather the following information:
- location (latitude, longitude, altitude and error)
- time (date, hour, minute, second) when the location was recorded
- for the tour we gather the following information introduced by the user: name, language, category and subcategory, difficulty, accessibility, keywords, description, when to visit; for each point of interest (start, landmark, information, transport, accommodation, food and beverage, end of night and stop) we will automatically collect the location and the time when was added and the USER can fill with details the following fields: description, warning, history, recommendations, schedule, feelings, cost and multimedia materials (photo, video, audio, animation, etc). Time information (date, hours, minute, seconds) will not be shown to any user, but it will be used to create statistics like: duration, speed.
Based on the choices and decisions you make and write on the TOUR, some particular informations about you can be available to other users, like: meal preferences, trip budget,


All the content of the tour is the property of the CREATOR. The CREATOR is responsible that the content is accurate, is real, it is not offensive in any way. The purpose of TOURA is to create the opportunity so people can share their personal and subjective travel experience. This can help other USERS to recreate the tour or get information useful to plan their own vacation. It is a great privilege and a great responsibility because the user will rely on that information. So the trip, the safety of the user, the optimisation of the route, all depend on the accuracy of the information provided by the CREATOR.


The application, the web site and the tours can be available in 5 languages: english, romanian, french, german and spanish.


All revenues that can be traced that are generated by a specific tour will be split evenly between TOURA and the CREATOR (50 % TOURA and 50 % the CREATOR). For any other source of revenues (not linked with a specific tour) will belong to TOURA. Revenue related with a specific tour are: sponsorships, branding, fees from sales of digital or physical goods generated by that specific tour (like accomodation or transport bought is the tour), revenues from affiliate marketing.


When you use TOURA products we collect session data like: IP address, device, web browser, location, referring site. We also record your activity on the website like: search queries, pages visited, duration of visit. Also we use cookies to recognise your previous activity on the web site and offer you a better experience.


Except the information that is public (like name, photo, created tours with location), the data we collect is used only for statistics and to improve the user experience. We do not share your data with anyone (except the publicly available information).